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Our team is qualified, young and energetic, attributes which when complimented with a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in media will not only set your brand apart, but will also take your company to where you want it to be. We aspire to add creativity and passion to all forms of media by utilizing creative photography as a medium to developing breathtaking concepts and designs. We always undertake to provide affordable, quality and professional services to our clientele and that is a creed that defines who we are and what we stand for.









Our talented individuals


Kenneth Muhangi<br><em>The Guru</em>
Kenneth Muhangi
The Guru
Chairman of the Board

Kenneth is the Chairman Board of Directors, BLUSH. He is a creative visionary with an impressive resume to prove it. He successfully led BLUSH from a start up to the unrivaled market leader in our service offering.

Trevor Rukoosa<br><em>Mr. Fixer</em>
Trevor Rukoosa
Mr. Fixer
Managing Director

Trevor leads the BLUSH team as our Managing Director. Trevor knows the A-Z of the business and is a certified trend setter. He is self-motivated with no regard for conventional conformity. He is ingrained to think, do and be different.

Max Bwire<br><em>Max</em>
Max Bwire
Director Studio and Documentary Photography

Max is a force of nature. This first Lady of BLUSH is the director in charge of Documentary and Studio photography. Born with an eye for photography, complemented with various qualifications in the same field, Max is a phenomenal photographer.  She is also a strong supporter of black women doing great things and is quite an example of one.

Lovington Kambugu<br><em>The Magician</em>
Lovington Kambugu
The Magician
Director Events Photography

Ask anyone who has been photographed by Lovington to explain the experience and they will definitely say magical. He has perfected the art of photography so much that he epitomizes word itself. He is the Director in charge of photography and leads by example. With a host of accolades under his belt, Lovington is without doubt the guy you want on your team.

Hillary Mugizi<br><em>Picasso</em>
Hillary Mugizi
Director Design

Hillary is a creative director and the design head at BLUSH. He is crazy about design, most recently having his focus on the new art form, “vectors” which has revolutionized design in this market. He is a perfectionist and a Picasso with design.

Racheal Arinaitwe<br><em>The Boss Lady</em>
Racheal Arinaitwe
The Boss Lady
Office Manager

Racheal is the Office Manager  at BLUSH. She is in charge of managing the human as well as financial resource. Insanely shrewd at handling shillings and dollar bills, Racheal is fun, motherly and is always bustling with energy.

Faustar Nalwoga <br><em>The Client Whisperer</em>
Faustar Nalwoga
The Client Whisperer
Client Relations

Faustar is in charge of keeping our clients happy and manages our agency accounts. She is organized, proficient and efficient. She ensures all jobs are handled in a timely manner and that every client enjoys the BLUSH experience. She is also a bag fanatic and a kick-ass dancer.

Lawrence Musoni <br><em>Law_lo</em>
Lawrence Musoni
Creative Designer

Don’t let first impressions fool you when you finally meet Lawrence. He is humble as he is playful and when he gets down to business, he takes no prisoners and gives no apologies for his insane skill. His work can only be defined as ecstatic.

Joshua Mugume <br><em>The Third Eye</em>
Joshua Mugume
The Third Eye
Creative Designer

Everything mere mortal eyes can’t see, you can count on Josh’s supernatural eye to catch. Nerdy and occasionally shy, Josh is persuasive and this translates in his designs. Think of the last thing on your mind to buy. Josh can and will get you to buy it. That, and his attention to detail take Josh’s designs to an entirely new level.


Daudi Murungi <br><em>The Maverick </em>
Daudi Murungi
The Maverick

Daudi is a seasoned professional. His preferred camera of choice is a Canon and he wields it like a wand. He knows how to get the right shot and isn’t afraid to get dirty. If you have an event or fashion shoot, Daudi is your guy! That’s why he is the Maverick after all.

Fredrick Matovu <br><em>Kaleke</em>
Fredrick Matovu

Fred is the most dedicated photographer you will ever chance on. Research, shoots, prints, you name it!  Fred approaches every project with zeal, energy and of course his mantra, “nothing is impossible”. Fred also has years of experience in the Photography field making him invaluable. An ardent (DJ Simple Simon) music lover, Fred’s wide range of music keeps the creative hub motivated hours on end.

Kanyesigye Bouncer<br><em>Kanye Bounce</em>
Kanyesigye Bouncer
Kanye Bounce

Bouncer was born a photographer to the unfair advantage of many. His undeniable talent coupled with his passion make him a rising star. He especially enjoys Documentary photography, using his environment as his muse. He is also the biggest soccer die-hard BLUSH and the world over.

Anne Atim<br><em>Annie_Bee</em>
Anne Atim

Young, passionate and blossoming, Anne is an extraordinary photographer revealing her secrets one at a time. Anne’s superpower is her ability to bring out the special in any photograph. She is also quirky and a true lover of Electronic Dance Music.

Hassan Musiimenta<br><em>Menta</em>
Hassan Musiimenta
Support Staff

The one and only way to get around is with Hassan, flying you. Traffic clears for him, bad drivers are terrified of him and he has a permit. He also knows his way around and will get you to your destination in time and in one piece.

Moses Kimbugwe<br><em>Left hook</em>
Moses Kimbugwe
Left hook
Support Stuff

Moze is in charge of ensuring that the facilities are conducive for both the team and our clients to conduct business. He is responsible for the spick and span look of the BLUSH office. While he goes about his work, Moze always has Hon. Kyagulanyi’s music on play.